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TV delle Ragazze Dandini Leone

Girl Cultures in Italy from Early Modern to Late Capitalism. Journal Editorial

by Paola Bonifazio, Nicoletta Marini-Maio, and Ellen Nerenberg

The editorial includes the Editors’ introductions to their respective areas: Paola Bonifazio and Nicoletta Marini-Maio discuss the Themed Section and the Invited Perspectives; Ellen Nerenberg presents the Open Contributions and the new section, Continuing Discussions, which hosts informed voices on themes developed in previous issues of g/s/i.

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8. Le adolescenti che per caso ho raccontato nel mio Cinema

by Anne-Riita Ciccone

The filmmaker explains her interest in adolescence and discusses the topic and genesis of the
short Victims. She provides details on her feature I’M and on its young leading actress.

Click to watch the trailer.

The short Victims is available online on the Rai.it website. In Italian. Web. Accessed 27 July 2017.

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7. Il linguaggio femminile e maschile: uno scenario (stereotipico) in movimento

Il linguaggio femminile e maschile: uno scenario (stereotipico) in movimento

by Rita Fresu

Various studies have both demonstrated that differences in feminine and masculine language are part of a social construct strongly correlated to diastratic and diaphasic factors and revealed the existence of a consolidated set of expectations held by a community of speakers with regard to the linguistic behaviors attributed to gender. The shared  understanding of this strong social norm and expectation,

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