Gender/sexuality/Italy 4 (2017) – Table of Contents

Table of Contents – Gender/sexuality/Italy, 4 (2017)

  • Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Journal Editor
  • Paola Bonifazio and Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Themed Section and Invited Perspectives Editors
  • Ellen Nerenberg, Open Contributions and Continuing Discussions Editor
  • Clarissa Clò and Laura Di Bianco, Reviews Editors
  • Erica Moretti, Managing Editor
  • Amanda Bush, Thera Dal Prà Iversen, Delphine Dall’Agata, Brian DeGrazia, Victor Xavier Zarour Zarzar

Themed Section: Girl Cultures in Italy from Early Modern to Late Capitalism.

Girl Cultures in Italy from Early Modern to Late Capitalism. Journal Editorial by Paola Bonifazio, Nicoletta Marini-Maio, and Ellen Nerenberg

1. Girlhood Constructed: Portrayals of Childhood in Italian Renaissance Biographies by Sienna Hopkins, California State University, Long Beach

2. The Oratorio Femminile: Young Women’s Socialization And Growth In Post-War Italy by Daniela Cavallaro, University of Auckland

3. Scrivere dalla parte delle bambine: infanzia e adolescenza femminile nella narrativa di Alice Ceresa by Viola Ardeni, University of California, Los Angeles

4. Rita Pavone’s Musicarelli: Rethinking Genre and (Young) Women’s Representation by Stephanie Hotz, University of Texas at Austin

5. Non è la Rai, or: On the Becoming-Girl of Late Capitalism by Elisa Cuter, Freie Universität Berlin

Invited Perspectives: Around the “girl”: film, media, and girlhood studies in Italian culture.

6. “Come fossi una bambola?” Girlhood Studies and Memory in Italy by Danielle Hipkins, University of Exeter

7. Girls and the Media: Girlhood Studies Agenda and Prospects in Italy by Romana Andò, Università di Roma La Sapienza

8. Le adolescenti che per caso ho raccontato nel mio Cinema by Anne-Riita Ciccone, Director

9. In un cerchio perfetto by Laura Samani, Director

Open Contributions

10. The Importance of Being Ernesto: Queerness and Multidirectional Desire in Umberto Saba’s Unfinished Novel by Paolo Frascà , University of Toronto

11. La gaia piazza. Le orme del movimento gay nella Parma negli anni Settanta by Antonella Grassi, Independent Scholar


12. Grace Russo Bullaro and Stephanie Love. The Works of Elena Ferrante: Reconfiguring the Margins by Stefania Lucamante

13. Loredana Di Martino and Pasquale Verdicchio. Encounters with the Real in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema by Melina Masterson

14. Silvia Valisa. Gender, Narrative, and Dissonance in the Modern Italian Novel by Silvia Boero

15. Jacqueline Reich. The Maciste Films of Italian Silent Cinema by Antonio Iannotta

16. Lisa Mullenneaux. Naples’ Little Women: The Fiction of Elena Ferrante by Victor Xavier Zarour Zarzar

17. Giancarlo Lombardi and Christian Uva (editors). Italian Political Cinema: Public Life, Imaginary, and Identity in Contemporary Italian Film by Alberto Luca Zuliani

18. Danielle Hipkins. Italy’s Other Women: Gender and Prostitution in Italian Cinema, 1940–1965
by Gloria Pastorino

19. Eugenia Paulicelli. Italian Style: Fashion & Film from Early Cinema to the Digital Age by Rebecca Bauman

20. Courtney Quaintance. Textual Masculinity and the Exchange of Women in Renaissance Venice by Chiara Girardi

21. Sharon Wood and Erica Moretti (editors). Annie Chartres Vivanti: Transnational Politics, Identity, and Culture by Silvia Valisa

22. Alberica Bazzoni, Emma Bond and Katrin Wehling-Giorgi (editors). Goliarda Sapienza in Context: Intertextual Relationships with Italian and European Culture by Tommasina Gabriele

23. Tommasina Gabriele. Dacia Maraini’s Narratives of Survival: (Re)Constructed by Lisa Sarti

Continuing discussions

24. How Italian Advertising Represents Women and Men. Towards a Methodology for the Semiotic Analysis of Stereotypes by Giovanna Cosenza (University of Bologna), Jennifer Colombari (University of Bologna), and Elisa Gasparri (University of Bologna)

25. Una femminista in incognito contro il femminicidio. Intervista a Marilù Oliva by Marilù Oliva (Author) and Nicoletta Mandolini (University College Cork)

26. Fighting for Gender-Fair Language at the National Institute of Astrophysics of Italy by Marina Orio, University of Wisconsin-Madison and National Institute of Astrophysics of Italy