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7. Translingual Queer Practice

by Serena Bassi

Serena Bassi suggests that we rethink what the relationship between social change and evolution of language usage might look like. To offer a different perspective on the subject, she asks how a Translation Studies paradigm helps us reflect on the “gay rights” vocabularies that have appeared in various guises in Italy since the 1960s. In English.

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9. AAIS 2016 Roundtable on Gender and Language: Language Inclusivity and the Subversion of Hegemonic Notions of Gender and Sexuality

by Michela Baldo, Serena Bassi, Juliet Guzzetta, Cinzia Russi

This roundtable was organized by Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Editor of gender/sexuality/italy, and Michela Baldo at the American Association for Italian Studies annual convention in Baton Rouge (AAIS) in April 2016. The presenters covered such topics as language inclusivity, misogynistic and asymmetrical uses of language, heteronormativity and homophobia in language, gender asymmetry in historical linguistics, grammatical norms, and trasnlingual practices. A lively discussion among the roundtable presenters and audience followed.

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