Organization and Procedures:

The journal is published online, through the Creative Commons License, and is managed by the g/s/i Editorial Board. Scholarship may be submitted in either English or Italian. The journal plans publication of one volume per year that will be edited collaboratively by the Editor, Associate Editors, and Staff. A Guest Editor, responsible for establishing a theme for a volume and for soliciting and vetting all articles, may apply to the Editorial Board.

All submissions undergo a double blind review including one member of the editorial board and an external reviewer. In the event that referees return different recommendations, the article will be sent to a member of the editorial board and the final decision will be based on consensus. Before going into production, the issue editor(s) will present the whole issue for final approval. Criteria for publication include: appropriateness to the journal’s mission (or to the unifying theme or issue), potential impact on the field of gender studies in an Italian context, and overall excellence.

Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board consists of the Editor, Associate Editors, and Book Reviews Editor. Tenure on the Editorial Board will be for a minimum of two years. Members of the Editorial Board who have participated insufficiently for two years may be asked to resign. (Insufficient participation means: failure to participate in the editorial and peer review process). All Editorial Board members will participate in the research and writing of grants for funding the journal as well as any conferences that should be proposed.

Advisory Board:

The Editorial Board will nominate a number of experts in appropriate fields to serve as an International Advisory Board for three-year renewable terms. All nominations must be approved by the majority of the Editorial Board members. Members of the Advisory Board may be asked to review essays and/or write reviews of publications for the reviews section.


In addition to the Editorial Board, the journal has graduate assistants and editorial assistants, who assist the issue editor(s) in all aspects of the journal’s production.

Creative Commons License

g/s/i is published online and is an open-access journal. All content, including multimedia files, is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution and is published according to the Creative Commons License, which does not  allow commercial use of published work or its manipulation in derivative forms. Content can be downloaded and cited as specified by the author/s.

Creative Commons License
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