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24. How Italian Advertising Represents Women and Men. Towards a Methodology for the Semiotic Analysis of Stereotypes

by Giovanna Cosenza, Jennifer Colombari, and Elisa Gasparri

The paper presents the first results of a systematic and in-depth survey on about 8000 advertisements appeared from February to December 2013, and attempts to identify and characterize the gender stereotypes which can be found in them. Having conducted one of the first semiotic investigations on such an extended corpus, the authors also draw some general conclusions on the possibility, for the contemporary semiotic discipline,

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25. Una femminista in incognito contro il femminicidio. Intervista a Marilù Oliva

by Marilù Oliva and Nicoletta Mandolini

The term femicide—the physical or psychological annihilation of a woman because she is a woman—has become an extensively used term in the mass media since 2012, following awareness campaigns led by feminist activists in Italy who introduced international theories of lethal gender violence. Contributing to recent discussions on the topic, some forms of artistic narration (literary, theatrical, and cinematic) have attempted to re-dignify stories and victims of femicide that the media has in many cases dismissed.

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Padova, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF).

26. Fighting for Gender-Fair Language at the National Institute of Astrophysics of Italy

by Marina Orio

This essay describes the ongoing struggle of the author to change the culture of “tolerance” of women scientists in the academy and the “acceptance of a few exceptional women” into a culture of inclusion and diversity at the National Institute of Astrophysics of Italy (INAF), an endeavor advanced through the adoption of gender-fair language. Language usage in the Italian scientific and academic environments offers a particularly interesting case, given its unusual and complex development.

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Gender/sexuality/Italy 3 (2016) – Table of Contents

Table of Contents – Gender/sexuality/Italy, 3 (2016) 

Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Editor
Michela Baldo, Fabio Corbisiero, Pietro Maturi, Themed Section Guest Editors
Paola Bonifazio, Invited Perspectives Editor
Ellen Nerenberg, Open Contributions Editor
Clarissa Clò, Reviews Editor
Laura Di Bianco, Reviews Assistant Editor
Valeria G. Castelli, Chief Assistant Editor
Giuditta Bassano, Paola D’Amora, Taylor Stroili, Silvia Viti, Assistant Editors

Themed Section: Gender and Language

It’s not only a matter of pronouns.

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It’s Not Only a Matter of Pronouns.  Journal Editorial

by Nicoletta Marini-Maio

The editorial describes the genesis and structure of g/s/i 3, 2016. The author contextualizes the theme of gender and language making reference to the Anglophone world and the romance languages. She briefly discusses the contemporary debate on gender and language in Italy, drawing examples from gender markers in job titles in the Italian public discourse. She emphasizes how the current issue of g/s/i goes beyond the heteronormative framework.

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