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TV delle Ragazze Dandini Leone

Girl Cultures in Italy from Early Modern to Late Capitalism. Journal Editorial

by Paola Bonifazio, Nicoletta Marini-Maio, and Ellen Nerenberg

The editorial includes the Editors’ introductions to their respective areas: Paola Bonifazio and Nicoletta Marini-Maio discuss the Themed Section and the Invited Perspectives; Ellen Nerenberg presents the Open Contributions and the new section, Continuing Discussions, which hosts informed voices on themes developed in previous issues of g/s/i.

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It’s Not Only a Matter of Pronouns.  Journal Editorial

by Nicoletta Marini-Maio

The editorial describes the genesis and structure of g/s/i 3, 2016. The author contextualizes the theme of gender and language making reference to the Anglophone world and the romance languages. She briefly discusses the contemporary debate on gender and language in Italy, drawing examples from gender markers in job titles in the Italian public discourse. She emphasizes how the current issue of g/s/i goes beyond the heteronormative framework.

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Ricostruire il genere attraverso il linguaggio: per un uso della lingua (italiana) non sessista e non omotransfobico

by Michela Baldo, Fabio Corbisiero, and Pietro Maturi – Guest Editors

The guest editors’ introduction to the themed section focuses, on the one hand, on the resources that languages can draw on in order to adapt the use of grammatical gender to account for more equal relationships between men and women, and on the other hand on the fact that the use of the so-called “neuter masculine” in political and everyday discourses and in languages such as Italian,

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Gender Domination (and Submission) and the Current Issue of g/s/i

Gender Domination (and Submission) and the Current Issue of g/s/i- Journal Editorial

by Nicoletta Marini-Maio

The editorial of g/s/i 2 contextualizes the call for papers on gender domination. The author argues that gender is a battlefield for domination and submission and focuses on institutional and social discourses that attempt to reorganize gender power relations around the heteronormative framework. Drawing examples from the contemporary social scene and media discourse,

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Invited Perspectives on Gender Domination

Invited Perspectives on Gender Domination-Invited Perspectives Editorial

by Paola Bonifazio

The Invited Perspectives Editorial introduces the articles of this section by contextualizing them to the topic of the themed section, “gender domination.” It also highlights the gaps in this section that meaningfully address unsolved issues in contemporary discourses of feminism and male/female domination.

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Cinquanta Sfumature di Grigio

The Fifty Shades of (the) Grey (Zone), or, the Absent BDSM Essay in the g/s/i Issue on Domination

The Fifty Shades of (the) Grey (Zone), or, the Absent BDSM Essay in the g/s/i Issue on Domination. Open Contributions Editorial

by Ellen Nerenberg

“The Fifty Shades of the Gray Zone” explores the reception of E. L. James’ bestselling trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the reception of the print and film versions in Italy.

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