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gender/sexuality/italy (g/s/i) is an online annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on gendered identities and the ways they intersect with and produce Italian politics, culture, and society by way of a variety of cultural productions, discourses, and practices spanning historical, social, and geopolitical boundaries. g/s/i seeks contributions that investigate constructions of femininity and masculinity as well as configurations of sexual orientation and critiques of hetero-normativity in Italian culture from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. g/s/i welcomes postfeminist discussions of the historical and political contexts of feminism and sexual difference as conditioned by postcolonialism, postmodernism, and the commodification of culture and politics in their effects on daily life. Given the scope of its interests, the journal embraces a variety of disciplinary perspectives including but not limited to the inter-related fields of Italian studies, gender studies, film and media studies, performance studies, LGBT and queer studies, history, sociology, visual culture, animal studies, history of science, among others.

g/s/i was founded by the culture and politics of gender research group to further the interdisciplinary and intergenerational dialogue that was initiated at the 2012 conference “Postfeminism? The Culture and Politics of Gender in the Age of Berlusconi” held at the University of Bologna in June 2012. In the spirit of that conference, g/s/i features a section open to practitioners not necessarily attached to universities who might contribute essays, op-eds, multimedia material (including short films), and announcements that may be instrumental to the further development of our conversation. Members of cultural associations, journalists, artists, film directors, activists, and experts of communication are encouraged to contribute to this section of the journal.

To foster communication, g/s/i is an open-access journal. All content, including multimedia files, is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution and is published according to the Creative Commons License, which does not allow commercial use of published work or its manipulation in derivative forms. Content can be downloaded and cited as specified by the author/s.

Contributions must be either in English or in Italian, no longer than 50,000 characters (6,800 words) with spaces, and must conform to the standards of The Chicago Manual of Style.

To submit an article or other forms of collaboration, please see the submission guidelines.

g/s/i is generously sponsored by Dickinson College, Carlisle (USA).

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To submit an article or other forms of collaboration, please see the submission guidelines.