25. Una femminista in incognito contro il femminicidio. Intervista a Marilù Oliva


by Marilù Oliva and Nicoletta Mandolini

The term femicide—the physical or psychological annihilation of a woman because she is a woman—has become an extensively used term in the mass media since 2012, following awareness campaigns led by feminist activists in Italy who introduced international theories of lethal gender violence. Contributing to recent discussions on the topic, some forms of artistic narration (literary, theatrical, and cinematic) have attempted to re-dignify stories and victims of femicide that the media has in many cases dismissed. The anthology Nessuna più. 40 scrittori contro il femminicidio (Elliott 2013) is among these. This interview with the editor, Marilù Oliva, examines the relationship of the author with the topic of gender violence and her ethic-theoretical approach.

Cover picture: Jakub Schikaneder, Murder in the House (1890). Public domain, via Wikimedia.